Socialization in MMU

I interviewed the exchange student Monica about how she felt about feet into the culture of MMU.

The first thing that the MMU did to make her feel ‘student’ was to give her the student ID. That proved she was a student in MMU and be able to access everywhere in school. It was organized by the Student Exchange Department and they also organized some events to help exchange student familiarize with the school and Manchester. For example, there was a walking tour about walking around Manchester and introduce the city hall, city library, some landmark and even the Asda behind our school. With the organization’s help, Monica got to know the surrounding much quicker. There was also a big dinner held by school along with a traditional Scottish dance so that people from other countries could experience the local culture. In the class called education and culture specially for exchange students, teacher asked students to form into several groups and complete group presentation. The group project itself was easy but group members need to visit three different places together and the member could not from same country. So this group project was actually encouraging every student to make more friends and socialize the student.

Monica felt welcomed by attending the events held by the school, then, she had a chance to experience the culture and she also made more friends in the class.



The Dead Poets Society

In the first couple of minutes of the movie presents a traditional British style that I thought it is a British movie. It is similar to my home university in some ways. Most of the universities in Hong Kong is taught in English instead of Chinese and many primary and secondary schools are also taught in English including some cultural input.  English is the main langrage today and using English to teach instead of Chinese can maximize learning English and integrate with the world, including celebrate some Western holidays. For example, we have 7-day holiday for Eastern Day. However, there are some disadvantages of the organizational culture in school. It is more difficult for me to write an essay in Chinese than in English now. For those who study all the courses in English as a kid, Chinese language and the traditional culture could be neglected.



A Death in the Runnymede Care Home

Runnymede Care Home’s style of management is more of a bureaucracy style. This management approach influence communication at the Runnymede Care Home.

As you can see the organization run primarily as a bureaucracy with levels of management and salary based on rank and seniority, the Equable Care hold all the power. When the care assistant Daya Kishan actually report some important messages may have related to James’ death, but no one would listen to her because of her position in the home.

It seems that what subordinates do is largely trying to please their superior just like when Jill Swinton’s secretary, Val Mackie only gave the good news to Jill and leave all the bad news in a corner. As long as their superior is happy or in a good mood, they would not get grumpy.

Due to the bureaucracy system in the Home, people in the different department can always find excuses and pass the buck to other departments. No one wants to take the responsibility and they are too afraid to report the mass to their boss.

So Jill Swinton should be held responsible for James Fox’s death but it is not completely his fault. If he is nicer and embarrass people less, the secretary would report this issue to him and come up with a solution. As for those subordinates, be responsible and stop shifting the blame onto others may decrease the accident.

In the kitchen

If I were the employee in the television show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, I wouldn’t be very comfortable because the screaming and the humiliating pushed people and gave them a lot of pressure. But if I were the manager above apprentice/trainee chef, I would be glad to have Ramsay’s help and the way he trained the apprentice/trainee chef and the way he managed the whole kitchen. Because as long as he was not shouting at me with those harsh words, it would be fine. And I have to admit it that it is more effective by publically humiliating employees. Therefore, sometimes humiliating can become motivation.

If I am going to manage 300 people in a day care center, I would set different departments to meet the overall needs of the center, solve problems by specific departments could be more efficient than leave it to one person in charge. As for developing a good relationship with the chef de cuisine, I could communicate with him or her at first to prepare his needs and set up the environment to the way he is comfortable with.

The many facts of John Evans

There are 4 different comments about John Evans from 4 respective people. The content of the comments is different compared with the 4 workers. The first three workers think that he is a nice man with good manners, he also does an excellent job at work and he is decisive and never mixes personal matters with work. It seems that he separates his personal life from his work that the workers barely know John apart from his working skill. I would say he is a good partner to work with in an organization and I believe he can do the job well individually. The last colleague Kiran, his good friend obviously knows much more than the other workers about John’s dreams and even his family. The biggest difference between those four workers is their position in the office and I think that could be one of the reasons of the different commons about John. Graham, Dave and Jill have less chance to talk to John because they are in the separate department and they do not see each other that often, as for the colleague Kiran, they probably spend most of their time together in the office so that they could get to know each other easier. I understand that he talks so little about his personal life with people they don’t know well and they would rather open their heart to their close friends. John also separate his public and private lives and I think it is wise because Washington is an example of a popular figure whose public and private lives are kept distinctly separate.



Online Profiles

Online profiles have become an inseparable tool ever since the Internet and the rise of mobile phones, especially for young people. People can share their personal life down to what they have eaten or what they have watched. Some people can even make money by posting pictures onto their online profiles such as Instagram. It allows a person or company to post stuff online to attract followers. So online profiles are important marketing tools in the modern world. It is also a good way to keep in touch with old friends and get to know their lives by viewing their online profiles. However, I am not a big fan of online profiles, I update my Instagram only two or three times a year and I blocked all my relatives. It is rude to do so but I am not very comfortable to publish my own privacy to some relatives who are not very familiar. Besides, if I post some picture with drinking and parties my parents are going to be mad. Nevertheless, it is a perfect place to advertise in an organizational environment. For example, if there is an important message that a company needs to inform their workers, it could be down by posting it on Moodle instead of telling individuals.

All in all, I think it is different to manage personal online profiles and public online profiles.


Organizations are responsible for creating an environment that supports the religious diversity of their members. As the employee diversity has become a common phenomenon in the recent year, organizations should also keep up with the multi-culture in order to respect them. Personally I do not believe in any religious, however, sometimes I do feel Chinese culture has conflicts with the British culture. For example, I find out that people in the UK send their parents to nursing homes when their parents reach a certain age and it is very common. But Chinese culture is totally opposite, parents should be looked after by their children and whoever sends their parents to a nursing home is disobedience. I was curious about my father’s reaction so I asked him what if I sent him into a nursing home when he was old. Suddenly he was so serious and speaking in a very loud voice: I will never go to a nursing home, how dare you say so. My father though I would have abandoned him when he turns old because unlike the UK, nursing home in China is only for elders with no children to look after them. So I understand the pastor’s daughter due to the culture difference. I think teachers should allow the pastor’s daughter to quit that lecture until the topic finishes. Because asking the tutor to give up the whole topic for one student’s religious is also not realistic. To avoid situations like this, teachers could pick some topic that has nothing to do with religious. For instance, there was a Korean tutor in my university teaching a topic about Occupy Central, the conflict between Hong Kong and mainland China. She shifted all the blame on mainland China but she did not know there were some mainland students in the class as well. Later on, there was a quarrel in the class and those mainland students were quite mad. My tutor was so clever that he did not teach that topic, instead, he gave us a lecture about culture difference. Therefore, quarrel was avoided in the class. Culture conflicts can be prevented in a broader range of non-educational organizations in many ways. Such as getting to know different cultures and religious including setting up a food court for vegetarians and Muslim, or celebrate and bring any culture nuance to the forefront. These ideas could create a comfortable environment that supports the religious diversity of their members.