In the kitchen

If I were the employee in the television show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, I wouldn’t be very comfortable because the screaming and the humiliating pushed people and gave them a lot of pressure. But if I were the manager above apprentice/trainee chef, I would be glad to have Ramsay’s help and the way he trained the apprentice/trainee chef and the way he managed the whole kitchen. Because as long as he was not shouting at me with those harsh words, it would be fine. And I have to admit it that it is more effective by publically humiliating employees. Therefore, sometimes humiliating can become motivation.

If I am going to manage 300 people in a day care center, I would set different departments to meet the overall needs of the center, solve problems by specific departments could be more efficient than leave it to one person in charge. As for developing a good relationship with the chef de cuisine, I could communicate with him or her at first to prepare his needs and set up the environment to the way he is comfortable with.


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