A Death in the Runnymede Care Home

Runnymede Care Home’s style of management is more of a bureaucracy style. This management approach influence communication at the Runnymede Care Home.

As you can see the organization run primarily as a bureaucracy with levels of management and salary based on rank and seniority, the Equable Care hold all the power. When the care assistant Daya Kishan actually report some important messages may have related to James’ death, but no one would listen to her because of her position in the home.

It seems that what subordinates do is largely trying to please their superior just like when Jill Swinton’s secretary, Val Mackie only gave the good news to Jill and leave all the bad news in a corner. As long as their superior is happy or in a good mood, they would not get grumpy.

Due to the bureaucracy system in the Home, people in the different department can always find excuses and pass the buck to other departments. No one wants to take the responsibility and they are too afraid to report the mass to their boss.

So Jill Swinton should be held responsible for James Fox’s death but it is not completely his fault. If he is nicer and embarrass people less, the secretary would report this issue to him and come up with a solution. As for those subordinates, be responsible and stop shifting the blame onto others may decrease the accident.


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