Socialization in MMU

I interviewed the exchange student Monica about how she felt about feet into the culture of MMU.

The first thing that the MMU did to make her feel ‘student’ was to give her the student ID. That proved she was a student in MMU and be able to access everywhere in school. It was organized by the Student Exchange Department and they also organized some events to help exchange student familiarize with the school and Manchester. For example, there was a walking tour about walking around Manchester and introduce the city hall, city library, some landmark and even the Asda behind our school. With the organization’s help, Monica got to know the surrounding much quicker. There was also a big dinner held by school along with a traditional Scottish dance so that people from other countries could experience the local culture. In the class called education and culture specially for exchange students, teacher asked students to form into several groups and complete group presentation. The group project itself was easy but group members need to visit three different places together and the member could not from same country. So this group project was actually encouraging every student to make more friends and socialize the student.

Monica felt welcomed by attending the events held by the school, then, she had a chance to experience the culture and she also made more friends in the class.



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