The many facts of John Evans

There are 4 different comments about John Evans from 4 respective people. The content of the comments is different compared with the 4 workers. The first three workers think that he is a nice man with good manners, he also does an excellent job at work and he is decisive and never mixes personal matters with work. It seems that he separates his personal life from his work that the workers barely know John apart from his working skill. I would say he is a good partner to work with in an organization and I believe he can do the job well individually. The last colleague Kiran, his good friend obviously knows much more than the other workers about John’s dreams and even his family. The biggest difference between those four workers is their position in the office and I think that could be one of the reasons of the different commons about John. Graham, Dave and Jill have less chance to talk to John because they are in the separate department and they do not see each other that often, as for the colleague Kiran, they probably spend most of their time together in the office so that they could get to know each other easier. I understand that he talks so little about his personal life with people they don’t know well and they would rather open their heart to their close friends. John also separate his public and private lives and I think it is wise because Washington is an example of a popular figure whose public and private lives are kept distinctly separate.




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