Adapting my life in UK

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I am an exchanging student from the Education University of Hong Kong and currently study in MMU with other three lovely girls.

The reason why I choose to study in UK is that all the courses are English lecture and it is a perfect opportunity to improve my English skills. My main field in Hong Kong is not about education, however, during the exchanging period we are only able to choose limited classes from education course. So everything here is a new start and to be frank, is a challenge for me. When I took the first lecture called Education and Culture with all the other exchange students, it was actually quite relax. Although all the other students besides us are from Europe, some of them seemed not very familiar with speaking in English nevertheless, I use to think people in Europe can speak fluently English. It feels like we are the same starting line and there is less pressure. The teacher also talks in a slow and clear voice to make sure everybody could follow up with her. And the current theme is to teach kids in stage two and we are Then I have experienced another class with local students which is called Organizational Communication. When I waked into the class for the first time, it just looks like the movie I use to watch and now I joined in the class and become part of the movie. The biggest difference between HK and here is that back in HK, teachers are doing most of talking and what we need to do is taking notes. However, in this class, group discussion is required every lesson and I am doing more talking than writing. This is harder than HK because taking notes is a mindless job but the discussion needs analyzing skill and it drives me to think more and come up with ideas.

Life in UK also different compare with HK. People here are so polite that I could not get used to it at first. ‘Thank you’ and’ Sorry’ are the most frequent words I use every day. They are sorry for standing on the way, they are sorry for letting people to wait… People here are gentle and they really care about other people’s feeling. HK contains lots of people and being a busy city, sometimes when someone bumped into another, they are too busy to walk that they even don’t have one second to say sorry.

All in all, there are many differences between HK and UK, if I could stay here longer, I am happy to discover more.

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